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Posted Saturday 10th November 2018

Think of coworking spaces and you would probably think of hot desks, dedicated desks, and larger spaces including private offices. You might also think about people working on computers, in professions such as insurance, banking, and other similar fields.

You may not think of a coworking space filled with artists. Yet some studio spaces are promoted to just this market, and many artists share a space with other like-minded people. The question is, does it work? Are artists able to share spaces like this, or is it better to find somewhere you can call your own?

How do you work best?

Are you the type of person who spreads out to fill the available space around them? Do you prefer to work small, keeping in a small area so you don’t lose everything? No two artists work the same way. Some prefer to work in silence, while others prefer to work with music playing in the background.

This is the trick to finding an art coworking space that you can work in, that inspires and motivates you. If you want to work in a huge open space with several other artists, go ahead and find something that fits. If you want your own private space you can retreat to after saying hello to your fellow artists each day, you can find those around as well.

Hence why viewing an artist space before you sign on the dotted line is so important. If you don’t, you may end up booking the wrong space.

What type of work do you do?

Art takes place in many media. Maybe you design album covers on a computer, in which case a hot desk in your average coworking space might suit you just fine. You may do pencil drawings or work on large murals. Clearly, the space you would need to work in would be very different in both of those scenarios.

You may not be able to pack your work away and take it home with you at the end of each day, for example. If not, you would need to rent space you could call your own. It would mean you could leave everything out and not worry about anything being disrupted while you’re not there.

If you figure out the answers to those two questions, you can find the perfect art coworking space for your needs.

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