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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

When people talk about renting office space, they generally mean renting it by the day, by the week, or by the month. Yet in some cases, people rent office space by the hour. You might wonder why they’d do this, but it can be the most convenient way to get access to office space when you need it.

Need some convincing? Here are some reasons why you might choose this option.

You may not need a full day working in an office

Maybe you work from home and you only want to use office space occasionally. If so, you may not need the whole day when this occurs. Maybe you’re meeting a client in town in the afternoon. You could rent a desk for the morning to get some work done before the meeting, and you know you’ll be there in plenty of time to make the meeting too.

Renting by the hour can be more cost-effective

If it’s not practical to rent an office for the day, it may not be good for your pocket either. If you only ever need some office space occasionally, it makes more sense and would undoubtedly be cheaper to choose an hourly rental.

It enables you to see whether a shared office space would work for you

Maybe you are thinking about whether to rent shared office space for a longer period. You won’t know whether this would be a good idea unless you try it. If you rent for an hour or two, it gives you long enough to try it without wasting cash.

It means you can try a specific shared office building

No one wants to commit to renting office space long term if they aren’t sure whether that location would work for them. By renting for a couple of hours or even a morning, you can see what it’s really like. If it doesn’t quite work for you, you can try somewhere else.

While the idea to rent office space by the hour may seem odd to some, you can see how sensible it is in certain scenarios. It enables you to try this way of working, and to see if it might be better to rent for the occasionally hour or two rather than all the time. You might be surprised how beneficial it can be for some – and that might include you too.

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