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Posted Wednesday 22nd November 2017

One of the best perks of choosing serviced offices is you can find them almost anywhere. We tend to think of them residing in large cities and big towns, but they can be found in more unlikely places, too. Even rural areas have serviced offices at their disposal, so you never know how close you could be to your ideal office space.

Location is one of the key points to consider when you want to secure a serviced space to work in. In some cases, a prime location will be preferable. It may mean travelling further to reach your destination, but the prestige attached to a notable address – think of somewhere in the City of London, for example – would be significant. Conversely, if you live a good distance outside of a city, finding somewhere local and convenient to reach would be the ideal option.

Searching the market

Hence why it is most important to check the availability of serviced offices before you make your choice. You should look both locally and further afield, taking into consideration options in the nearest towns and/or cities. Consider why you want space to begin with, too. Are you looking for that all-important address to impress potential clients with, or is it simply a case of wanting somewhere to go that is nearby?

Price is an important factor, too

If you opt for a city-based location, you will always pay for the privilege. However, think about the bonuses you will get if you take this route. Ease of access, a good address, perhaps easy access to nearby businesses you might use – all these elements are worth bearing in mind.

Conversely, if you are just starting out and you want to keep bills as low as possible, while still having your own office space, somewhere close by that is affordable and easy to reach will be the most important option.

As you can see, location is at the top of the list when it comes to finding your ideal office accommodation. Serviced offices crop up far more frequently than you may think, so it is good to have a choice of locations to consider. Whether you are in a rural area or the heart of a city, it is reassuring to realise serviced offices may be a lot closer and easier to rent than you may think.

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