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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

We all have our own ideas about what we’d find if we could work in the best coworking spaces in the world. Would it be a space with floor-to-ceiling glass around the room, letting light flood into the inspiring and bright space? Would it be somewhere exotic? Would it be somewhere facing a beach?

What one person finds ideal, another may find off-putting. So, the best spaces you could work in may be very different from those chosen by someone else. However, some spaces regularly pop up in these ‘best lists’, so we thought we would mention some of the features they have below.

High ceilings deliver space and openness

High ceilings often pop up in the best coworking spaces. It’s easy to make a space light and airy when you’re starting with such a large area. Some spaces go industrial and leave the pipework and ceilings bare, while others cover them all and provide a bright white canvas on which to add splashes of colour.

Natural tones and calming colours

Wood tends to feature a lot in the best coworking spaces around. Some also go for exposed brick, especially if the space converted for this purpose allows for it. Industrial spaces and warehouses often make the best coworking spaces thanks to the dimensions, but innovative design is certainly the most important element.

Glass… lots of glass

Floor-to-ceiling windows are a thing everywhere you look nowadays. However, many coworking spaces throughout the world also use floor-to-ceiling glass panels as walls and doors. This allows for private office spaces to be offered alongside hot desks and dedicated desks, while still maintaining that air of openness.

Casual and relaxing shared spaces

The idea of shared space sits well with coworking office space. Just as you will work close to other people, so you will also tend to socialise more readily with them. All the best coworking spaces in the world have great shared spaces to enjoy, both indoors and outdoors. Gardens, rooftop terraces, balconies… you can expect to find one or more of these at the best locations. Of course, you also get the chance to enjoy sofas, armchairs, kitchen spaces, and everything else you could want from the best spaces around.

Coworking is about far more than working near other people. It is as much an experience as anything else. It makes sense to choose the best space you can, doesn’t it?

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