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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you’re searching for a great coworking space in the heart of London, you may already know there are plenty to choose from. That’s good in a sense, but how do you know which one will provide you with exactly what you’re looking for? More to the point, how do you know what you should be looking for?

We’ve highlighted some of the most important elements that combine to make the best coworking spaces in London (and beyond).

Great transport links

A good location should be within walking distance of an Underground and/or mainline station you’ll use to reach the city each day. If you live closer or travel by car, you should look for main roads and possibly bus routes to help you reach work. Cyclists can rely on cycle lanes.

It is also important to choose a coworking space with nearby or on-site parking, or possibly secure bike storage if you choose that mode of travel.

A variety of interior spaces to work in

We don’t all like to work in the same way. For some, the idea of hot desking is versatile and appealing. For others, nothing but a dedicated desk will do. Still more may want the privacy and focus afforded by a private office. The best coworking spaces in London offer a good mix of these, enabling you to choose the right working environment for your needs.

A modern interior with exterior spaces provided as well

It’s all about the interior at a good coworking space. Modern décor, open spaces, and lots of light all help make the working day easier and more pleasant. But don’t discount the availability of shared spaces in other ways. You can often find outdoor roof gardens or seating, or maybe an indoor coffee bar area – somewhere you can relax, recharge, and meet some of your fellow workers.

Affordable with all-inclusive services

The best London-based coworking spaces will include numerous services as part of the basic package. You can then add on certain services you find convenient, although the best locations offer far more as part of the basic deal than you’d think. Consider what you will need each day and look for a package that serves those needs as best as possible.

If you can find all the above elements in your coworking space in London, you’re onto a great deal.

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