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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Speak to a big enough group of office workers and you will find some who hot desk at their workplaces. Speak to these individuals, and you will eventually encounter some who wish to discuss the psychological impact of hot desking.

Hot desking is sometimes referred to by other names. Desk sharing and flexi-desking have both been used to describe this option. But is it the best way of working, and what is the impact on those who try it?

Employers who involve their employees may see better results

Some employees don’t fully understand how hot desking works. Therefore, if their employers decide to bring this into action, they must consider how to make sure the switch is a smooth one.

The more people are involved in the transition, with support available if required, the easier it will be for people to switch successfully. Some employees speak of feeling ignored or undervalued at work – two elements that can send them on the path to look for other work. By making sure they are fully involved of the process, the psychological impact can be significantly reduced.

Will it work for every business?

Chances are, probably not. Just as having dedicated desks may not be the ideal way of working for some businesses, hot desking won’t work for some either. Exploring the possibilities and considering the pros and cons of hot desking in individual scenarios is the best way to figure out whether it will work for your business.

Adopting regular communication methods

Research has shown that employers should still make efforts to maintain contact with all workers when hot desking becomes the new norm. If someone is used to having their own dedicated desk and must then look for a different one to work at each day, it can make them feel disconnected. It can lead to greater levels of stress too, especially if not enough hot desks are available for the people who need to use them.

It’s clear that communication is the lifeblood of all businesses. The better the communication between workers and employers, the less we tend to see the psychological impact of hot desking coming into play. As always, the usual issues and hiccups that can arise can be easily avoided if the right steps are taken in advance. Bear this in mind if you are considering booking hot desks for your business to use.

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