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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

No two artists work the same way. Some will thrive in a space occupied by others in similar professions, with music playing, people chatting, and a feeling of vibrance in the air. Others will need quietness and solitude, otherwise their focus will disappear.

This is just one of the elements you will need to bear in mind when looking for an artist coworking space. It is often far cheaper to rent space in a shared office building or coworking space, since you are sharing its use with many other people. However, no two spaces are identical. So, aside from the noise levels, what else do you need to consider before you rent some space?

How much space do you need?

Artists tend to require more space than office workers. The latter may be fine with a hot desk, grabbing whichever desk is free each day. However, an artist may use anything from a sketch pad to an easel with a large canvas on it. What do you use? This will help you understand how much space you require to work in. If you work on large commissions, you’ll need the same space each day – a lockable room you can call your own.

Are you interested in community get-togethers and offerings?

This is where it becomes prudent to look for an artist coworking space rather than simply a shared office building with different areas for rent. A building designed to attract artists means you will get to mingle with others in the same profession. Just imagine the connections you will make. Many spaces provide community events each week – just the thing in a solitary profession like this.

Security and reassurance that you can leave your possessions there overnight

Many coworking spaces offer private rooms for rental. Many also have dedicated desks that include a filing cabinet or other lockable storage facility where you can keep certain items overnight. Artists tend to have lots of supplies – items they won’t want to carry to and from home each day. Consider what you need to store at work and how much space you’ll need from that perspective. It makes it easier to spot the right space when you see it.

If you bear these elements in mind, you can separate the ideal artist coworking space from any other office space, so you can work in the ideal setting each day.

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