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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you employ people to work for you and you’re looking for a practical and affordable workplace, a shared space that offers hot desking could provide just the solution you’re after. More employers than ever have adopted hot desking in recent years.

The trend has led to a changing workplace, but many agree it is changing for the better.

It’s often cheaper

Shared offices are more affordable than finding a workplace for your business alone. Hot desking makes it cheaper still. If people work different hours, i.e. a couple work in the mornings, while a couple more work in the afternoons, hot desking allows for the maximum efficiency and use of the space. Hot desking allows just two desks to be used by those four people, whereas you’d need four dedicated desks to achieve the same aim.

It allows workers to better connect with each other

Since no one has a dedicated desk, hot desking allows people to interact in different ways. If your workers always sat next to the same people, few new connections would ever be made. But since hot desking changes things daily, it makes it easier for workers to meet new people and forge stronger connections with their colleagues.

It makes it easier for different people to work together

Sometimes, different workers may need to work together on a temporary project. That might be true regardless of whether you introduce hot desking to your business or not. But if hot desking is regularly used, everyone is far more likely to know everyone else – making it easier and faster to get started on that project.

It allows for easier idea sharing and new ways to move ahead

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and easier still if employees work in the same space each day. Hot desking allows for regular change and that keeps things fresh. It also means employees know more of their fellow workers, exchanging ideas and information more readily. This can foster an atmosphere of positivity that encourages more forward motion, too.

There are many other advantages to hot desking for employers, as you will find out if you try this in your own business. Some businesses take to the idea more readily than others, but with a plan in place to help you and your employees adjust, it could just be the best thing you do for your business this year.

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