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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Solopreneurs pop up in many industries. The word may remind you of an entrepreneur, but as the alteration suggests, a solopreneur will work solo. That means they have no employees and no one else working in association with them.

It also means there are significant advantages of hot desking a solopreneur can enjoy. If this description fits you and your work, and you’ve never considered hot desking before, read on. We might be about to introduce you to a new and exciting way of working.

You can keep costs at a minimum

You may dream of having your own office at some point, and perhaps even your own office building and suite to work in, alongside your many employees. However, in the early stages of developing and planning a business, it is vital to keep an eye on outgoings.

A hot desk will always be cheaper to rent than a dedicated desk. If you want to work in an office but you want to pay as little as possible for the privilege, this is the ideal scenario to choose.

You can choose a serviced office space used by like-minded people

Even though you work solo, you may want to make connections with others working in the same field. Some shared office spaces tend to attract people from similar businesses. So, if you are looking for office space, consider the businesses that already use it. By opting to try hot desking, you can associate with other solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who are using the same space for similar reasons. You’d be surprised how many connections you can make.

You can hire the space for the length of time you need

Maybe the nature of your work keeps you out of the office some days. If so, you can hire a hot desk daily if need be. If you travel around the country, you could hot desk in each city you come to. Hot desking provides the freedom you need while still offering you all the services you would expect from a top-quality office space.

The versatility and freedom offered by hot desking suits many solopreneurs. Regardless of whether you’re based in a city or you travel around regularly, hot desking ticks many of the boxes you need to cover. If you haven’t yet tried it and you’re keen to work in a positive way, this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

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