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Posted Thursday 1st November 2018

Coworking spaces are great for many businesses. They have become exceptionally popular over time as well. They don’t suit everyone, but when a business owner does find there are many advantages to enjoy, they often discover some they hadn’t thought about.

Here are just three of those.

They provide greater choice

If you want your own office space, you’ll find there are limited options to choose from. However, if you are willing to share a larger space with other businesses, your options open far wider.

This is because a shared office space usually spreads over several floors of a much larger building than you’d be able to rent alone. This means greater options, more versatility in choosing a space to work in, and more sites to choose from as well.

They make it easier to scale up or down as required

Imagine you are renting an office above a shop. If you need more space, you will need to look elsewhere, and that takes time. The same applies if you want to downsize.

That’s not true of shared office spaces that regularly have available space to rent. If you want to rent a larger office, it could be as simple as requesting one and moving the following month. Of course, it does depend on availability, but oftentimes it is far easier to make this happen than to know you must move from one site to another.

They draw a line between work and play

This applies more to those who would otherwise be working at home. If you have ever done this or you are doing it now, you will be familiar with the challenge of separating your work life from your home life. Even if you work in a spare room, it can be hard to divide the two.

Use a coworking space though, and it becomes far easier to do this. You can choose somewhere close to home, ensuring the travel time is kept to a minimum. You can also choose one that has already attracted similar businesses, thereby making it easier to carve out new connections too. And when you return home each day, you will understand how convenient it is to have that separation between work and play.

No doubt you can think of other less obvious reasons why you should consider coworking spaces. They tend to offer many more advantages than some might assume.

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