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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Are you thinking about trying hot desking for the first time? If so, it’s important to recognise some people take to it rather better than others. However, you’ll undoubtedly find it much easier and more enjoyable if you understand how hot desk etiquette works. Adopting a few simple standards will help ensure everyone gets the most out of this way of working.

It’s not like working at a standard desk

Yes, the desk might look the same as the one you usually work at, but you’ll be sharing it with numerous other people. You may work at that desk today, but someone else will be there tomorrow. And you’ll be working at another desk. It’s important to remember that as it is the first step in making the most of hot desking.

Keep it clean

When the time comes to finish work for the day, make sure you clean up the space you were using. It’s a great idea to carry some disinfecting wipes for this very purpose. You can also use them to clean a desk before you sit down to work at it for the day. You can never assume everyone else will follow the same hot desk etiquette as you.

Be respectful of those around you

While hot desking makes it easier to forge new connections with people you haven’t spoken to before, you still need to remember there is a time and a place for doing this. If you think you could benefit from chatting to the person next to you, make a quick arrangement to meet for coffee at a convenient time during the day. There may well be a coffee bar in the building or on your floor, or another communal space you can meet at. Remember, those around you will be working, so be respectful of them as you would expect them to be of you.

Don’t be tempted to use the same desk each day

That’s half the point of hot desking. Anyone who has rented a hot desk has the right to use any of the available desks for this purpose. Take the opportunity to work in a different spot each day. It can be very refreshing. It could even lead to more productive working days.

While some may find it harder to adopt the right hot desk etiquette than others, there’s no doubt it helps make life easier for everyone.

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