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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you identify as an extrovert, you probably enjoy working in open offices rather more than your average introvert does. If you’re searching for a coworking space in Manchester, you may already be aware of some of the many benefits these spaces can provide.

The mix of working spaces and options available in such places usually means you can find something to suit your requirements. However, if you’re an extrovert, you may find there are significant benefits you hadn’t thought of.

You can take advantage of networking possibilities

Most coworking spaces will have lots of people working in them. They may not all be there all day, and few will work the same hours. However, finding a suitable space in a coworking building means you’ve got access to lots of valuable networking opportunities.

Since some buildings attract certain businesses and not others, you might be surprised at how beneficial this element of coworking can be.

You will love working surrounded by different people each day

For the average extrovert, working at a hot desk will likely be the most appealing option. It means they can sit somewhere new each day. It also means they will meet different people each day, instead of being stuck in the same space with the same people around them.

Extroverts derive energy from people, so this scenario is a pleasing one for them (whereas introverts would rather go for the private office and the solitude it brings).

You can benefit from the hustle and busyness of the average coworking space

Some people will find the ongoing changes seen in a coworking space as disruptive and stressful (stand up, introverts). But if you are a true extrovert, you will love nothing better than the vibrant and active surroundings you will find yourself working in.

Your energy comes from your surroundings, from seeing different people, even if you don’t interact with them all. Water cooler chats, quick coffee breaks, time spent outdoors at lunchtime… all these elements of your working day could provide you with energy, while others recharge.

No doubt there are other ways you could take advantage of working in a coworking space in the heart of Manchester. However, extroverted workers tend to fare best when taking up a dedicated or hot desk they can use as their focus for the day. It puts you right in the heart of the action.

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