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Posted Wednesday 7th November 2018

Is it just us, or are entrepreneurs on the rise? More people are making the switch to self-employment, and while it can be hard work it can also be rewarding. Plenty of entrepreneurs are happy to work from home, but there are major benefits to choosing a coworking space to relocate to during the day.

You’ll benefit from that clear line between home and work, of course. Yet there are other advantages in store for you as well.

You can choose a coworking space that attracts other entrepreneurs

There’s a funny thing about these spaces. Some will draw in people who work in finance and insurance. Others draw in artists and creatives. Still more will attract – you guessed it – entrepreneurs.

You probably recognise the appeal of being surrounded by like-minded people. It becomes easier to converse with others. It’s also easier to relax and make connections with people you would never have met before. You get all this and more if you choose the right coworking space.

Built-in networking possibilities extend to out-of-hours too

Many coworking spaces have become well-known for offering after-hours get-togethers, meetings, events, and more. If you would love the chance to network as an entrepreneur, but you’re not sure how to go about it, this could be the ideal way to find out.

It is the cheapest way to rent an office with lots of perks thrown in

We’ve seen some of the major perks already, but it’s important to remember that sharing many elements of the office space makes life easier for you. You won’t need to worry about paying for anything other than the space you’re renting. That keeps costs low, while also giving you the chance to enjoy meeting new people.

You’re also surrounded by people who are in similar situations to yours. Maybe they are just starting out in business too. Who knows what new connections you might make, perhaps over coffee or while finding a hot desk to work at for the day?

Coworking spaces attract many entrepreneurs in the early stages of their businesses. They may not stay there permanently – the opportunity is there to grow their business and find their own office building to rent. But to start with, you cannot deny the many appealing features coworking spaces provide. You might find you can take advantages of those same features in a space near you.

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