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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Are you thinking of trying hot desking for the first time? Some people take to it more easily than others, but if you know what to expect, you’ll find it far easier and more beneficial than you might otherwise.

Open your mind to the freedom of working at any desk

You’ll find several hot desks in each working environment – possibly lots of them. Knowing this in advance means you can choose one that appeals to you each day. Maybe you’ll arrive early to choose one you want to work at that day. But remember, hot desking is not about staying at the same desk each day. Embrace the idea of flexibility and change. Choose somewhere different each day. You might be surprised how much more appealing it feels to ring the changes.

Organise yourself in advance

Hot desking can be a challenge if you’re not prepared. When you’re working at a different desk each day, you can’t leave your to-do list by your computer. Things you’d leave at a dedicated desk must be carried with you instead. Consider moving a paper list online. Try a few apps or free websites that allow you to keep lists. That way, you can access them once you’re logged in for the day.

Know the rules

No two companies are likely to approach hot desking in the same way. So, if you book a hot desk or you know you’re going to be working this way, find out the rules before you begin. It reduces the chances of mishaps and misunderstandings and makes your work day far smoother.

Take a moment to settle in

Since you’ll be working at a different desk each day, you’ll use a different office chair too. Set up your computer, get settled, and make sure everything feels right. Adjust the chair so you’re not afflicted by backache or other ailments. Taking a few moments to organise your space and get set up for the day helps form a routine that ensures your day gets off to the best start.

There are lots more hot desking tips you could try, but these ones will help settle you in when you’re new to this method of working. It can take some getting used to when you’re happy with a dedicated desk, but when you approach it properly, you might be surprised at how beneficial hot desking can be.

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