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Posted Wednesday 17th October 2018

Soho features an astonishing range of prices when it comes to renting serviced offices. At the upper end, offices can cost as much £1,500 per person per month, and yet spaces on the fringes can cost as little as £400. So, choosing the correct office space is a decision that requires careful consideration and an awareness of fluctuating market patterns.


Demand for serviced offices has shot up in recent years and is likely to continue to increase in the future. With remote working and the ‘gig economy’ changing the face of the workplace – not to mention London’s broader real estate problems – there is a strong appetite for the flexibility offered by serviced offices. The UK is considered a highly entrepreneurial market; in many areas of Central London, demand easily outstrips supply.

Serviced Office Costs & Prices in Soho

Knight Frank’s 2017 Serviced Office Submarkets research placed Soho, London’s media district, at the higher end of the price distribution, costing an average of £800-900 per month. However, this average is probably a little high. If you are willing to forgo some luxury, there are plenty of offices on offer in the £400-500 range.

The largest office spaces with the most features (such as catering services, 24-hour desk service and trendy interior design) often come close to costing £1000 per month. Some of the plushest offices surround Soho Square.

The cheapest offices tend to be those with the least amenities: these are recent conversions, not bespoke office settings. Smaller, boutique office spaces can go as low as £350 per month. Those willing to go beyond the limits of Soho will find nearby Fitzrovia offers a number of serviced offices on quieter streets, normally around £500 per month.

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