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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Many headlines have been made about hot desking – the new way of working that has been adopted by many companies for a while now. It would be unrealistic to assume this method works for everyone, yet there are ways to resolve problems with hot desking that commonly crop up.

Make sure clear rules are in place before you begin

If you are about to introduce hot desking to your business, perhaps by renting some shared space in an office building, make sure you have a clear plan in place before you start. If workers are confused about the system, or are unsure how they should work, it will lead to problems. Many such issues can be avoided simply by taking the right approach to start with.

Minimise the items you need to take into work each day

If you are hot desking, remember you won’t be able to leave anything on your desk, or in your desk drawers, at the end of the day. That means everything you need will be brought in with you before making the journey home again. Look at what you need – and what you think you need – and find ways to minimise those things as much as you can. Instead of a desk diary, for example, could you use an online planner instead?

Embrace the variety hot desking provides

If you prefer to work at the same desk every day, hot desking is going to prove more challenging to you than to those who like to work somewhere different each day. However, you still have some control over where you sit. If you like lots of natural light, choose a spot near the window. If you’d rather be in the shade when it’s a bright sunny day, you can find a desk that accommodates that.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make new connections with those working in another department. Hot desking makes this easier as you can sit near them and engage in conversation, instead of being relegated to another office.

Oftentimes, the problems with hot desking can easily be solved by identifying things that could be an issue and finding ways to combat them before you begin. If you encounter any other problems as you go along, you can find ways to deal with those too. Most elements that could cause concern are easily resolved, ensuring you can make the most of hot desking at work.

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