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Posted Friday 1st October 2010

The planned rollout by BT of their super speed fibre optic broadband network is due to hit Weybridge and Surrey within a year – bringing a welcome boost to local businesses and residents in the area.

The £2.5 billion UK wide project by BT will enable internet users to experience average download speeds of up to 60MBs – which is a vast improvement on current speeds which average around 6MBs.

Along with Redhill and Weybridge, surrounding areas including Leatherhead, Epsom, Caterham, Esher and Byfleet can also expect to receive the new service at roughly the same time.

For businesses across the county of Surrey then, the benefits of the fibre optic network will be seen on a daily basis. Amongst the advantages, data processing and storage will become more sophisticated, ensuring a higher degree of computer security, whilst the days of a delayed image on video conferencing units could soon become a thing of the past.

The whole project is due to be completed by 2015 so the arrival of the high speed network this early will give businesses in the area a competitive edge over their rivals who have no set instillation date as yet.

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To find out when super fast broadband is due to hit your area, check out the BT OpenReach website.

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