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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you speak with enough office workers, chances are you will eventually encounter someone who will tell you why hot desking doesn’t work. Of course, what they mean is that it doesn’t work for them.

There are thousands of people up and down the country who hot desk every day. For many, it works like a dream. They love the versatility and variable nature of working like this. It may suit some people more than others, but those who don’t enjoy this way of working will often have firm reasons why that’s the case.

“I always have to carry everything into work with me each day”

Taking the working methods used at a dedicated desk and applying them to hot desking isn’t going to work. Since you will work at a different desk each day, you’ll need to fully vacate it and take everything with you.

So, you need to approach hot desking in a different way. Minimise what you need. Find virtual ways of doing things online. You’d be surprised how easy this can be.

“I just had to get on with it – no one told me how it would work”

Oftentimes, people who dislike hot desking reveal they weren’t told how to approach it or what to do. This leads to stress, distrust, and confusion. If everyone knows how it works and what is expected of them prior to hot desking starting in a business, it’s far more likely to be hugely successful.

“I never know who I am sitting next to”

Hot desking means you’ll likely sit next to someone different every day. Yet this can be a great opportunity to make new connections. Some people find it more challenging to switch from a dedicated desk to hot desking, that’s true. But taking a more positive and open approach pays incredible dividends.

Many people have spoken of meeting new colleagues each day. They often make new connections with those they would never have met had they worked in a more traditional office. The best example is working alongside those from different departments.

You can see how taking the right approach from the beginning makes a huge difference to the potential outcome. If someone believes hot desking doesn’t work, they’ve likely experienced one or more of the elements mentioned above. But now you know what those are, you can make a greater success of it when you try it.

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