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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Are you nervous of trying hot desking? Lots of office workers are and that is only natural. Some do experience problems with hot desking, but it is reassuring to know every issue has a solution.

Feeling as if you’ve been cast adrift

Some people who try hot desking for the first time talk about being left to fend for themselves. They feel as though they’ve been cast aside by their employers, especially if they have been notified of the change but not of how it will work.

There is an easy fix for this. If you are going to make the move to hot desking, ask your employer how it will work. Find out as much as you can about hot desking before you do it. Speak to people who already do it, so you can benefit from their experience.

No longer able to store things at work

The solution here is to travel as light as you can. You will no longer be able to rely on desk drawers, filing cabinets, or other storage facilities. This forces you to rethink how you work – but that can be a good thing. It will also be easier to achieve if you think about all the things you usually rely on at work. How can you find new ways of working that mean you can let go of a lot of those things?

No longer having your own desk to go to

Some people struggle with this, while others find it the most refreshing part of the entire process. If you enjoy routine, you are more likely to find it hard not to work at the same desk each day. However, if you like change and make the best of it, changing desks daily probably won’t bother you.

If you do struggle, turn it around in your mind and see it as an opportunity. Switching the view from your desk each day means you’ll likely sit next to different people. You’ll feel energised by the changes if you embrace them, instead of feeling stressed. It can take time to get used to, but many people do like the alteration.

While there can be numerous problems with hot desking, they don’t apply to everyone who tries this way of working. And if you take a positive stance to resolve these issues, you may not experience them at all.

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