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Posted Monday 26th November 2018

Serviced offices provide many elements that are hard to find in other working spaces. If you rent your own office, the chances are slim that it would come with its own dedicated parking space.

That’s not the case if you switch to a serviced office. This will be provided in a larger building – a building that will almost certainly come with many other features and advantages for you to enjoy. Those advantages may well include parking facilities.

Before you make the all-important choice on where to work, read these pointers. They will help you figure out whether serviced offices that include parking are your ideal option in Leeds.

Do you need parking?

It’s an obvious question, certainly, but one that many people don’t think about. If you always drive to work then yes, you will need somewhere to park. Offices that provide car parking as standard may charge more for the privilege. So, if you rarely drive to work, look for a serviced office space that doesn’t include parking. It may work out cheaper.

How easy is it to get to work in other ways?

Many offices are situated within a couple of minutes’ walk of a railway station or bus station. That means you could find the journey easier if you make it via public transport.

Is the parking secure?

If you would like to park on-site, you should focus on whether you can find an option that is safe and secure. Ask about security cameras, secure entry for employees only, and other features you might benefit from.

If you don’t drive, where is the nearest parking facility should you need to use it?

If you will only need to drive to work occasionally, you might opt to hire some space in an office building that doesn’t offer parking. If that’s the case, you should look and see where the nearest options are. Find out how much they cost too, so you won’t be surprised when the time comes.

Many serviced offices in Leeds with parking also have other facilities such as bike racks and secure bike storage. If that is your chosen way to get to work, check out the options when you are viewing various office spaces.

You’re going to make the trip to work often. Make sure it works out in the right way for you.

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