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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Many major businesses (and plenty of smaller ones) adopted hot desking to change the way people do their work. The hope was that more connections and collaborations would be made, with teamwork becoming more common. Many smaller businesses have also tried it. Today, shared office space up and down the country includes numerous hot desking areas ideal for anyone from an entrepreneur to someone with a bigger business and several employees.

Many people ask is hot desking a good idea, and it is a valid question. In truth, it can work extremely well for some businesses. Those that succeed in adopting hot desking tend to be the ones that involve their employees in the process. A lack of information and instructions on how it will work is often at the root of any issues employees experience.

How can hot desking improve the way you work?

If you enjoy variety in your working day, hot desking is the ideal way to introduce it. One day you could go into the office and sit by the window. The next day you could head in and sit near the door, maybe because you know you’ll be up and about and meeting others during the day.

There is more variety and versatility in hot desking than in any other working method. That’s why many people have adjusted well to sharing desks with other workers. Providing you take the right approach, you’d be surprised how well it works.

Hot desking is cheaper than any other working method

This works in a couple of ways. Firstly, not all employees may work full time. If some work in the mornings and others work in the afternoons, there is no reason why they cannot share desks, with one person essentially handing over to the other at lunchtime. This means 12 part-timers only need six desks between them – saving large amounts of money for the employer.

But there is another aspect to consider here. If you decide to rent space in a shared office building, a hot desk is by far the cheapest space to hire. If you want a dedicated desk to go to each day, you will pay more for the privilege of not sharing it with anyone else. Hot desking is therefore a great way to save on outgoings even if you’re a sole trader or entrepreneur with no employees to worry about.

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