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Posted Thursday 14th June 2018

Liverpool Street is one of the most popular stations in Central London. It connects to both over-ground and Underground rail services, therefore making it a good choice for those looking for access into the city.

There are plenty of reasons why people choose to start coworking at Liverpool Street too. We have included some of the main ones here, if you are keen to find out if this is the right course of action for you.

Easy access by train

Liverpool Street provides excellent access for those coming into London from outside the city. Rail links can be used that come in from Shenfield, Southend, Norwich, Ipswich, and Clacton, among others.

The station is also connected to the London Underground system via four separate lines. These are the Circle, Hammersmith & City, Central, and Metropolitan lines.

A variety of coworking buildings to choose from

Once out of the station itself, you are on top of Bishopsgate. The surrounding streets are home to many coworking buildings, where workers from many different businesses share one or more floors of a building.

As such, it is easier than many assume to find a shared office space suitable for their needs. Since you are in the heart of London, it is very easy to find several options to consider. This also opens the way for competitive pricing, varied office layouts and options, and everything from a hot desk to a private office. And it is all within walking distance of Liverpool Street.

Convenient access to other parts of the city

Once at Liverpool Street, the connections provided on London Underground can easily transport you to numerous other locations within the city. The Central line is perhaps the most obvious choice in this respect, although there are other options to consider as well, depending on where you need to go. Suffice to say it is easy to meet with clients if need be, whether they come to you or you meet them elsewhere.

You can see there are many advantages to coworking in Liverpool Street or around the area. Hence why many people choose this as their preferred coworking location in London. There are many others too, of course, which is why it is preferable to evaluate all the possibilities before you hire some shared office space. Making the right choice could be as easy as booking a desk at Liverpool Street.

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