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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

If you’ve been reading about hot desking – how it works, which industries use it, and why it’s become more widespread – you’ve probably also read about hot desking staff morale issues and concerns. There are cases where hot desking hasn’t been as successful as people had hoped it would be. However, there are also typically good reasons why this is the case.

If you want to make sure your introduction of hot desking is a success, read on. We’ve got some good advice you can benefit from.

Don’t just spring it on your staff

People inherently hate change. Change can be good for us, but it still takes time to come to terms with it. The more notice you can give of a change to hot desking, the better. People can then prepare for it and make the change more easily than they would with little prior notice.

Make sure people know and understand how hot desking works

You may understand every element of hot desking, but can you say the same for every staff member you employ? Don’t assume everyone knows about it. Make sure you speak to your staff and invite them to bring up any questions or concerns they may have.

Not only does this facilitate better relations between employers and employees, it also smooths out any hot desking staff morale issues before they even get a chance to begin.

Make sure you have enough hot desks for everyone to use

There is nothing worse than coming into the office and walking around for ages trying to find a space to work in. However, if the employer takes the time to plan their needs and requirements, this shouldn’t ever be a concern.

When the switch to hot desking begins, monitor the progress closely. Make sure you are available and encourage employees to speak to you about any issues they might be having. It’s easy to assume everything is going well, and yet some staff members might have concerns they aren’t talking about.

As you can see, hot desking staff morale issues can easily be resolved if you take a few simple steps to minimise their impact. Proper planning means hot desking will be far more successful for your business than it would be if you didn’t plan at all. Keep morale high and make sure the switch is a successful one.

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