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Posted Wednesday 6th June 2018

Hot desking pros and cons… we’ve all read about them. We’ve all heard horror stories from people who hated hot desking and would never do it again. No doubt some people have left companies because they didn’t like the way they were forced to work.

Hot desking doesn’t suit every business or every person. Yet more and more people are enjoying this way of working, mainly because it gives them far more freedom than they originally had. It can be soul destroying working at the same desk or in the same cubicle each day. Hot desking removes this, freeing people to work in whichever space they want to that day.

In short, hot desking pros and cons do exist. Finding out more about them means we can better understand how hot desking works. This in turn allows us to avoid more of the cons and embrace more of the pros. That must be good for everyone.

One of the biggest advantages is versatility. A business may need less space if they don’t have a desk for every worker. Think about those who job share, for example. Two workers may cover each day at the office. One works in the morning, while the other works in the afternoon. If each had their own desk, the desks would be unoccupied for half the day. By switching to hot desking, this issue is eradicated.

One of the main disadvantages is that some workers aren’t aware of how hot desking works. However, this is an easy thing to fix. Many people are unsure of how it works, but once the idea is explained to them, it becomes clearer. Few people would be able to prepare to work in this manner without first finding out how to do it. This makes sense, yet some businesses fail to explain the process to their workers well enough. It is no surprise then that some will struggle to make the adjustment. Those who understand how it works will prepare for working this way and will enjoy it far more.

Hot desking has been successfully introduced by many businesses. It is possible to hire a single hot desk in a shared office space, as well as hiring a far larger quantity for a bigger business. That’s the beauty of hot desking – it works for many industries and workers all over the country.

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