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Posted Sunday 8th July 2018

Hot desking has become a key element in many of today’s offices. Shared offices are often shared among people working for different businesses, not just the same one. Hot desks are shared too, and if you rent a hot desk, it gives you the right to use one desk in that shared space each day.

As with most working environments, there are advantages and disadvantages to this. We’ve covered most of the key ones below. Discovering more about the ins and outs of hot desking means you can decide whether this type of working is for you. (Or not.)

What are the ADVANTAGES of hot desking?

Renting a hot desk is far cheaper than renting a dedicated desk. You know you have reserved a single desk within a larger office, so you need only pick one at the start of each day and go from there.

You will also sit next to different people every day. Even if that means sitting next to people working for other businesses, you’ll get the chance to forge new bonds and connections.

You also get to choose the ideal spot to work in each day. Maybe you would like to sit close to a window during the winter but would find it too hot in the summer. Hot desking makes it possible to get the best of both worlds.

What are the DISADVANTAGES of hot desking?

If you need storage, hot desking won’t be for you. You must clear your desk at the end of each day, so you won’t be able to bring in as much as you would like each day either.

Hot desking might feel uncomfortable for you if you like a routine each day, too. Some people prefer having the same space to go to when they work. They might be able to put pictures on their desk – something that’s not as easy when you hot desk.

You may also feel obliged to chat with others near you, when all you want is to get on with your work. However, hot desking does allow you to choose a quieter spot one day if that is what you need.

There are numerous pros and cons to hot desking. Evaluating the ones that matter most to you will help you figure out whether this way of working would be ideal for you, or whether a dedicated desk would be better.

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