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Posted Wednesday 29th September 2010

Where you sit says a lot about the position you hold within the company and the direction your career is heading

Ahhhh the much fabled corner office…possibly the most desirable piece of real-estate on the planet. If you have made it here then you are likely to be at the top of your game – close your office door and pour yourself a single malt to celebrate (or get a minion to pour that for you).

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If you have not bagged yourself a private office yet (and broom-cupboards sadly don’t count) then look around because where you sit still says a lot about your office status.

In large open plan offices the corners are definitely not the best place to be. If you are sitting at the cold extremities of the office then your career is probably looking a bit frosty too. Yes you might get away with turning up late and you might be able to spend all day surfing the net unhindered (especially if you work in the IT department) but that is because no one else has any interest in what you are doing. Go on… grow a comedy moustache… see how long it takes before anyone notices – they’ll probably turn the lights off first.

Now look around again… if you can see lots of people behind you with comedy moustaches then congratulations your career is heading in the right direction. The closer you are to the middle of the office the brighter your star is shining. Those at the very core are the power brokers, these people will expect you to bow down at their feet but occasionally they will throw a crumb of hope your way. Go on…no one is looking… push your desk a little closer to the centre. A few extra inches will make all the difference!

…but the story does not end there. We cannot forget those strange creatures who show up every now and then looking extremely smug with themselves – and no it’s not the Board Members! I am of course referring to those people who have managed to convince the boss that they can do their job from the comfort of their own home. Some would say it is they who have the best seat in the house…

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