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Posted Friday 8th June 2018

If you have never tried hot desking before but you’re about to, it could prove an eye-opening experience. While it isn’t for everyone, plenty of people adjust well and end up enjoying it. More importantly, you’re more likely to thrive if you know how best to approach hot desking to start with.

Be prepared

Do you know how hot desking works? Going into a situation with little to no knowledge of it is bound to make things more challenging. Hot desking means you are entitled to use a desk – any desk – in an area during the day. You don’t use the same one daily though, which means you will get to work in different areas. It also means you cannot leave things on (or in) a desk overnight. You always pack up everything at the end of each day. It encourages minimalist working – and that can be a great thing.

Be open-minded

Do you doubt whether you will enjoy hot desking? Learning how to manage hot desking is key to enjoying it. You may be tempted to use the same desk daily, especially if you arrive ahead of most other workers. If so, make a point of choosing a different desk each day. Try one by the window, in a corner, in the middle of a row of desks. You’ll interact with different people, see and experience different things, and probably feel more empowered by those changes too.

Find ways to make it work for you

No matter how well prepared you are, you’re bound to encounter stumbling blocks. The open-mindedness we mentioned above will help you navigate these. Maybe you’re struggling to carry everything you need to and from your desk each day. Consider whether you could reduce paperwork, notebooks, and so on by transferring more data to a secure online app or storage facility. Trial different ways of working to ensure you get the most out of each day.

And remember, other people will be hot desking around you each day too. Some will be more experienced at it than you. Connect with them during breaks and ask for advice. Most are only too happy to support their fellow workers. It’s a great way to make new connections too. You may eventually be able to support others in their hot desking activities.

As you can see, a positive start has many benefits, both now and in the coming weeks and months.

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