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Posted Wednesday 8th May 2019

Coworking in London – it was once a rarity, but nowadays, thousands of people across the city are doing it. The push to reduce outgoings, to make businesses more versatile and ready to save on funds, and to move with the times, has inspired many to switch to coworking.

But can you tell whether this will be the ideal solution for your own business?

Can you work in a shared space?

The answer to this will likely depend on the type of space you are used to working in. If you are familiar with noisy (some would say vibrant) offices, then yes, you’re probably going to be fine. If not, if you are coming from a quiet spot at home in the spare room, you may have to adjust. This can take a while, but as many others will reveal, it can be done. And there are many benefits to enjoy if you manage it.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Both types can work in a shared office, but extroverts may find it easier to adjust than introverts. The latter would perhaps find it a greater challenge to adapt to using a different desk each day if opting for a hot desk.

Therefore, knowing your introvert or extrovert status might help you prepare and choose the best workspace for your needs in a shared office.

Are you looking to connect with others in similar industries?

If so, you can look forward to doing just that when coworking in London. While many coworking spaces attract workers and businesses from a wide selection of industries, others become well known for attracting certain people.

Just as some areas in the city are known for attracting workers from the insurance and banking industries or the creative industries, so the same applies to coworking spaces too. Being able to work somewhere that gives you the ability to associate and socialise with like-minded people has numerous benefits. Making connections, learning from others, and perhaps even taking advantage of new opportunities – is this what you want from your workplace?

There is much to be said for sharing a workplace with other people. Coworking in London may be new to you, but you may find it turns out to be the best decision you ever made. And since you can rent for a short period, it makes sense to give it a try.

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