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Posted Wednesday 14th November 2018

We don’t all want to share coworking spaces, but those that do would probably agree how lovely it would be to work in one of the coolest coworking spaces available around the globe. There are plenty of spaces to choose from, but not all qualify as the best of the bunch.

So, how can you spot the ones that could legitimately take this title?

They’re immensely popular

Popularity is a big factor. Once word gets around that a space has a lot to offer, more people will want to work there. It might also attract big-name companies and vibrant start-ups looking for somewhere dynamic to work. They’ll become better known too, which is another tick in the right box.

They sometimes appear in ‘best of’ articles on the internet

Have you seen those articles claiming to take you around the best coworking spaces the world can offer? No two articles agree on the list of entrants, but you will notice some appearing over several lists. No one country appears to have a monopoly on the best spaces though, which is great news if you want somewhere great to work in your own country. Chances are, there are several options you can choose from.

They’re hard to get into

This was obvious, wasn’t it? When a space becomes known as one of the coolest ones you could ever work in, everyone will want to work there. Freelancers, small businesses, bigger businesses… everyone wants in on the action. That means there could be a long waiting list to get a spot inside one of these appealing spaces.

They’re often very modern

Offices mostly move with the times. Even in old buildings, where the exterior would look at home a century or two earlier, the interior can be a refreshing surprise. Shared office spaces and floors tend to provide a mix of the open-plan and the private. There are private offices, for instance, working alongside hot desks and other desks that are dedicated to certain users.

Lots of glass, modern colours, and many other features often fit neatly into these spaces. Some offer a blend of modern and classic, which works well in older buildings.

If you want to work in a cool workspace, it’s good to know there are plenty of them around to choose from. Where might the closest one be for you?

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