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Posted Tuesday 28th September 2010

Boris Johnson’s much trumpeted bike hire scheme in Central London enjoyed a successful summer launch and Abbey’s clients can make great use of them.

London Cycle Hire

Around 400 docking stations are scattered around The City and West End to allow users to pick up and drop off their bikes whenever they wish – and luckily a number of these stations are conveniently located next to three Abbey Offices sites in the Capital.

So if you are a coming over to take a look at our serviced office space for the first time or you are a current client of ours wishing to simplify your commute into work, here is a list of nearby stations:

16 St Martin’s le Grand, City of London

Museum of London (52 spaces)
Newgate Street (34 spaces)
Cheapside (21 spaces)
30 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin), City of London

St Mary Axe (21 spaces)
Wormwood Street (16 spaces)
111 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria

Ecclestone Place (19 spaces)
Belgrave Road (29 spaces)
A map showing all 400 stations across London can be found here.

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