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Posted Friday 8th June 2018

This is a question plenty of people have asked, including many entrepreneurs. The answer you give will likely depend on the kind of person you are. Some people love coworking spaces while others shudder at the horror of sharing a space with someone else. A lot might depend on whether you are naturally introverted or extroverted. It might also matter whether you work better in silence or with a natural buzz around you from other people.

How do entrepreneurs fare in coworking spaces?

Many entrepreneurs start businesses solo. They work long hours, building their business brick by brick, taking on numerous roles and gradually achieving their goals.

Yet not all entrepreneurs are good at working solo. They may work fine on their own, but they may miss the camaraderie of working in an office environment. That water cooler conversation isn’t easy to get at home, where people may not understand you’re working much of the time, but available for chats at other times.

Working among others in similar roles

Coworking spaces allow entrepreneurs and similar solo workers to have somewhere to go each day. They can have a workplace where they can develop their own business just as they do at home. Yet they can also enjoy making lots of new connections with others who have their own businesses – others who may also otherwise be left alone to work at home.

Coworking spaces allow entrepreneurs to benefit from the input of others if that is what they want. Some coworking spaces attract people from certain industries. Therefore, finding a suitable space is very important. You’re not going to make many useful connections as a solopreneur building apps if you rent space in a shared office mainly used by those working in insurance.

Some entrepreneurs will say coworking spaces are worth it, whereas others will disagree. A lot depends on how they work and how much of their work is centred around a computer or a home office. We all have different preferences, and for some, working at home is ideal – the only place that feels right. There are many ways to make connections with other entrepreneurs but using a coworking space is certainly one of the easiest. Indeed, there are so many shared spaces available for use today, it should prove easy to find the right entrepreneurial space for rent. There are plenty to choose from.

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