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Posted Monday 29th October 2018

It’s easy to find information on the perks of hot desking for the employer who is considering trying this way of working. But what about the employee?

While hot desking isn’t for everyone, there are plenty of people out there who love hot desking. There are lots of advantages of hot desking to the employee too. If you are about to try this method of working for the first time, read the following perks you can look forward to.


Are you tired of working at the same desk every day? Have you got bored with the same old view from the same old window? Hot desking will change all that. You can pick a free desk to work at and choose a different one each day of the week. No more getting stuck in the same spot all the time.

You can meet more people

Many businesses have more than one department, but workers rarely get the chance to mingle with people in departments other than their own. With hot desking, this will change. You never know who you’ll be sitting next to from one day to the next. What better opportunity could there be to meet more people than this?

You get to choose where you want to work each day

This follows on from the variety mentioned above. Some people thrive when choosing a different location to work in every day. Others enjoy the freedom to pick a desk that appeals on a certain day. Maybe you’ll be up and down throughout the day to use the nearby photocopier or print room. You can sit closer to it that day. Maybe you want to be tucked away in a corner for privacy and quiet – you could do that instead.

You can enjoy working in a minimalist environment

Do you hate clutter? Most people do, even if they don’t realise it. Clutter on a desk clutters the mind, yet hot desking means you won’t be able to work under a pile of papers or notebooks. You might be surprised how much easier it is to work in a setting that is automatically more streamlined and minimalist.

There are lots of advantages for the employee who tries hot desking. It takes some adjustment, to be sure, but if you embrace the idea and give it a try, you may find it is the best way of working you’ve ever tried.

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