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Posted Wednesday 29th November 2017

There are many perks to choosing serviced offices over renting traditional office space. However, if you are new to this idea, you may be wondering what those perks are.

Here, we reveal three of the best reasons to go for this option. How many of these would be beneficial for you? You may find you can benefit from all three, just as many other clients do.

One easy bill to settle each month

If you rent a traditional office space, you’ll need to pay the monthly rent. You will also have internet access, gas and electricity bills, insurance, and other bills to consider as well. And that is after you sort out all those services and requirements to start with.

If you choose a serviced office, this will all be included in one easy monthly bill. That makes it far easier to see where you stand, not to mention reducing the chances a bill will be overlooked.

You need only plan for the short term

Long-term leases often need to be signed when you hire office space. This contrasts sharply with serviced offices. In this case, a month-by-month agreement is often in place, meaning you can plan only as far as you need to. This can be beneficial for both new and established businesses.

There is also a greater opportunity to adjust the space you have, to suit the growing needs of your business. If you were in a regular office, this would be far harder to achieve.

You can choose from a wide range of office space

Imagine trying to find an office to rent in your area. You would naturally be limited by what is available. You will also have certain specifications to think about. That will limit the pool still further.

But if you choose a serviced office, you will likely find several possibilities in the surrounding area. Since these buildings will offer a variety of spaces, there is a good chance you can find what you need inside. If you choose too small a space, you can upscale whenever you like without moving buildings, too. Yet another perk to be aware of.

Serviced offices are now available far beyond big cities, popping up in towns and rural areas across the country. Wherever you are, you may well find serviced office space is the best option – and a practical one, too.

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