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Posted Monday 26th November 2018

Would you count yourself as a minimalist, or is it something you aspire to be? One thing’s for sure – if you’re looking for affordable desk rental in Manchester, it would be beneficial to be as minimalist as you can.

While not everyone gets along in a shared office space, minimalists tend to do better than others. There are some good reasons for that. Follow them and you’ll benefit from your own desk rental space too.

Minimalists don’t carry much baggage

You could take this to mean mental as well as physical. The latter is most important when hot desking, since you won’t be able to leave anything behind at work when you finish for the day.

Many minimalists already work like this. The rest of us either stare in amazement or admire them from our own cluttered desks. Minimalism certainly makes renting a desk a far easier (and cheaper) proposition.

They find it easier to switch desks each day

Here’s a situation to think about. Let’s suppose you are working at your desk and you are told you need to move everything you have to another desk. How long would it take you?

Most people who fall into the category we’re discussing here would be able to complete the move in minutes. Many others would need half an hour, maybe more, to get themselves organised to complete that same move.

Minimalists will certainly find it much easier to switch from one desk to another, just as they will if they opt for hot desking. Some may prefer to stick to a dedicated desk each day, but it will still be free from clutter.

Minimalist in thought, minimalist in surroundings

Many people think minimalism is all about getting rid of stuff. It is, in part. But if you’ve ever experienced a mind cluttered with thoughts and reminders, you’ll know minimalism would be refreshing in a mental sense too.

Since minimalists are likely to enjoy clutter-free surroundings, they’re also more likely to work more effectively each day. While some people may be interrupted by the bustling nature of a shared office space, the minimalist worker is unlikely to be among them.

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