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Glasgow based firms pull in the purse strings


A recently published article in the Scotsman is claiming company spending in the region remains uncertain amidst fears that the economic recovery is not coming quick enough.

In times like these companies need to draw in the reins and avoid committing to long term spending.

One of the largest long-term fixed costs companies face are traditional rental agreements, typically tying them in for around 5 years. Predicting what the market holds in 12 months time is difficult enough, let alone 5 years.

Uncertain times call for flexibility and hence the reason smart companies are turning away from traditional office rental agreements and increasingly taking up serviced office space.

Serviced office space affords companies far greater flexibility than their traditional counterparts. Leases start from as little as 3 months providing the option to expand and decrease to match the size of their office to their current operations almost at a moments notice.

No capital outlay is required to get started and financial control and budgeting is made simple with only one fixed monthly bill to be paid, incorporating all expenses pertaining to your office space.

Staffing costs decrease with the inclusion of highly trained administration and reception staff in the cost of serviced offices. These valuable resources are shared equally amongst all clients to drive the cost down and allow your core staff to focus efforts on the activities that really drive your business forward.

If you are looking for office space Glasgow, look no further than Abbey Business Centres, the front runners of the serviced office Abbey is the only operator in the UK to offer a 100% satisfaction Guarantee, allowing you to move in risk-free today. Sign up with Abbey and you can also take advantage of one month free office rental Glasgow.

To discuss your Glasgow office space requirements call Reena Potanah today on 0800 634 6346 or email

Offer was available at time of publication but is subject to terms, conditions and an expiry date. Call for details.