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Scottish companies outperforming UK rivals


An analysis of stock market trends by Scottish based finance firm IG Index has shown that businesses north of the border have been outperforming their UK rivals over the last year or so proving there is more to life outside the financial services sector in the Scottish economy.

According to IG, the Scotsi Index of leading companies in the country has risen an impressive 24.7% since the start of the 2009 compared to the more modest 8.8% growth enjoyed by the FTSE 100 group of UK companies over the same period.

Just three Scottish companies were outperformed by the FTSE 100 said IG which goes to show that other predominant business sectors in the country, like energy production and engineering, are playing an important role in moving Scotland fully out of the recession.

With many predicting London and the South East of England to be the main driving force in moving the UK out of recession, Scotland looks to be a dark horse in claiming that position for itself.

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