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Wave goodbye to the utility bill (and others) with Abbey Business Centres


When the post reaches your pigeon hole every morning, we all tend to sift through the pile dividing the good stuff (signed contracts from hot prospects, love letters from long lost exes, birthday cards arriving a week late etc) from the bad (electricity bills, promises of untold wealth from Mr Jones in Western Africa etc).

But what if one morning you came into the office and didnít have to partake in this daily ritual and instead were presented with a mountain of the good stuff? A glorious thought but highly unlikely to happen.

Well for serviced office clients, many of the bad bills are consigned to history.

Renting serviced space ensures all your office costs are compressed down into one monthly bill Ė meaning there will be no worryingly large quarterly water bills showing up at your office any time soon. This setup is ideal for SMEs and start ups who want to manage and control their budgets. Itís also effective for managing special project teams.

Clients taking a serviced office with Abbey also benefit from low prices because with 13 sites across the UK and hundreds of individual offices, they are able to negotiate the lowest prices with suppliers. So whilst businesses in traditional rented office space have to take time out of their day to manage their own utilities, security and cleaning rates, Abbey enable their clients to concentrate on growing their core business.

If you are on the lookout then for new business premises it may be time for you to consider Abbey Business Centres - a convenient, affordable and flexible alternative to conventional office space.

For more information about our range of serviced offices, call Reena today on 0800 634 6346 or email

Alternatively, calculate how much serviced office space you may need online.