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How savvy SME’s are saving money by selecting serviced office space


Whilst we are moving into 2010 with greater optimism for the economy, budgets are still being squeezed leaving businesses needing to find greater efficiencies.

One way SME’s can mitigate risk and reduce their overheads is to consider moving into serviced office accommodation.

Unlike traditional office leases, a serviced agreement provides flexibility allowing you to increase or reduce the size of your office to suit your changing business needs. You don’t want to be tied into paying for space you no longer need and likewise as your company grows you need the flexibility to take additional space – without having to move.

Other benefits of serviced offices include:

• You only pay for the office space you need. Communal areas such as receptions, kitchens and washrooms are shared with other clients in the building. You will have to pay for these areas (and their upkeep) in conventional space which adds considerably to the cost base.
• In serviced space you pay a fixed monthly fee ‘as you go’ allowing you to budget better. In conventional space it is standard to pay quarterly in advance. 
• With serviced space rates, utilities, security and cleaning costs are included whereas in conventional space businesses have to manage their own.
• The buying power of the serviced office provider ensures you receive the best deals on Internet and Telecoms packages
• Offices are ready for you to move into. There’s no delay waiting for furniture to arrive or telephone lines to be installed and connected.
• The ability to forge close relationships with other clients in your centre may put you in a position to negotiate favourable terms for their products / services. Likewise you have access to a community of businesses which you can market your products to.

With over 10 years experience in the industry, Abbey Business Centres is in the perfect position to offer you sensible and workable advice on how you could maximise the potential of our offices for your business.

For further information on our range of UK serviced offices, call us today on 0800 634 6346 or email