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Why rent office space when you can work from home?


Why rent office space when you can work from home?

The last decade has seen a massive increase in the number of people operating their businesses from home.
There are a whole host of factors which have influenced this trend including:

A desire for more flexible working 
Advances in technology
the rise of the entrepreneur

A home office is often preferable due to the considerable cost savings and other tax benefits.

That said working from home has its disadvantages too:

What sort of impression does it create for a business?
Where will you meet prospects and clients?
Who’ll answer your calls when you are out?

These shouldn’t be stumbling blocks as savvy entrepreneurs are fast finding out.
A virtual office service can solve all of these problems enabling SOHO businesses to concentrate on achieving growth.

For a small monthly fee you can select a prestigious city centre address which you can use to promote your business and to where you can have mail directed.
These are real office buildings with full reception services meaning packages can be accepted and signed for on your behalf.
The same reception team will field your incoming calls, answering in your company name and forwarding calls as per your instructions.
You’ll also be able to hire meeting rooms to really impress your hot prospects and clients. You’re guests will never need to know that you do not have a fixed office within the building.

Click for more information about Abbey’s virtual office packages or call us today on 0800 634 6346