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A Beginners Guide to Meeting Room Layouts by Abbey Business Centres


Abbey Business Centres give you the lowdown on the layout styles available to all our meeting room bookers at each of our 13 UK meeting and conference venues.

Choosing the right setup for your meeting will ensure you maximise the potential of your session. There are numerous different styles to choose from:


  • Ideal for hosting presentations
  • Encourages discussion amongst all delegates
  • Large space in the middle of the room allows the presenter to interact with delegates
  • Suggested layout for those wishing to take notes
  • All delegates facing one another to support group discussion
  • A more formal layout that suits board meetings and interviews
  • The optimal layout for maximising space with a large number of delegates present
  • All delegates facing the front so perfect for presentations, product launches, announcements etc.
  • No platform available to write notes however
  • Best suited to lecture style meetings
  • A more structured and authoritarian layout
  • Can lead to isolation of individuals and pairs from the group
  • A much more informal setup 
  • Actively encourages small group work
  • Not best for large groups where space can be at a premium

If you require further advice, our experienced meeting room team can point you in the right direction towards the best style for you.

To enquire about any of our UK Meeting Room venues, including our new conference venue in Manchester, call us today on 0800 634 6346 or check meeting venue availability online now.