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Abbey Business Centres strives for high standards in all our operations.

We acknowledge our environmental responsibility and have integrated our environmental accountability into our operations. We are committed to continual environmental improvement and endeavour to reduce our impact on the local and global environment.

The company will actively promote the principle of sustainable development through the following measures:

  • Meet and exceed all relevant environmental legislation and introduce company standards where legislation does not exist.
  • Seek to reduce the consumption of raw materials in all operations and endeavour to use recycled material where economically feasible.
  • Regulate and improve our working process to cause the least practicable impact on the environment.
  • Liaise with suppliers and customers to improve the companys environmental performance.
  • Co-operate with the appropriate authorities, technical organisations and relevant groups to improve our environmental performance.
  • Reduce, wherever practical, emissions to the environment through a programme of waste minimisation and energy reduction.

Waste management and recycling are core initiatives at Abbey. All of our centres recycle their waste with 90% of sites able to recycle all of their Glass, Aluminium, Plastic, Paper and Cardboard.

We are regularly in contact with our clients to encourage them to switch off lights and equipment that is not being used & to participate in our recycling initiatives. To optimize our energy efficiency we focus on:

  • Creating office space that makes the most efficient use of natural lighting.
  • Installation of high quality & energy efficient lighting.
  • Installation of Infrared motion detectors for automatic lighting control in all new centres, with a phased deployment to the rest of the group.
  • Zoned HVAC controls, to manage building areas individually.
  • Installation of building information systems & energy efficient HVAC systems.
If you have any questions about our Environmental Policy please email Paul Wixon

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